Friday, 23 May 2014

Last day

The last day before we open to the public. I always feel a little sad but on the positive side it will mean the whole pool will be open and there will be more people to race in the morning.

It was surprisingly empty when I arrived, perhaps only three people in the water. As I swam it slowly filled up, maybe everybody wanted a lie in this morning? I did twenty two lengths.

I felt much faster today not having Dan and Alfonso speed past me. Instead it was me doing my best to speed past Richard the cabbie, Hilary and Tricky.

I then played with some of the art filters on the Olympus, this one is dramatic! can you tell?

Almost the same shot but with the diorama mode selected.

And again with the pin hole camera setting. The filters are fun but you can in fact apply them to the pictures after you've taken them which is probably a better way of working.

Now it's summer season there might be fewer posts and pictures until the autumn.

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