Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Twenty two

I swam with Richard and Alfonso this morning. For the first six lengths or so they were dragging behind me. I like this picture, it shows how well Alfonso rolls with each stroke.

This is Richard the Cabbie who was also swimming in the sunshine. Richard and Alfonso didn't stop when the caught me but powered on and left me in their wake.

I fell about ten yards behind them and couldn't catch up. The light was wonderful and the water is over 10°C now.

Can you tell who this is? Face obscured by bubbles. On length eighteen I tried a final sprint to catch the speedy pair but was still well behind them at the end of the length.

I did another four lengths taking pictures, that's twenty two in total or two kilometres. If I didn't have to get to work I could have stayed much longer in the water.

Johnathan must have the longest reach at the lido. It's nice that the water was so clear.

Alfonso's hand is beautifully reflected on the surface. You can see by the shape of the wall that my camera makes the images slightly convex.

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