Monday, 13 January 2014


A version of these retro-style swimming pool rules are now hanging in the sauna. We all seemed to remember them fondly from the various swimming pools of our youth. Did it not used to ask you to refrain from 'heavy' petting? would the youth of today even understand? No Smoking in the pool, was this really a problem? There's no mention of eating because people never used to snack between meals and a scalding plastic cup of hot chocolate was all that could be bought in foyer on the way out.

You wouldn't believe I was caught in a shower on the way up to the lido given the clear skies in this picture. The dark figure is Vince.

By the time I joined him in the water he was on his last two lengths sans wetsuit.

Michael then joined me in the water and I had a game of catch up before snapping this image. The water felt colder after the week-end frosts but I still did six lengths.

Why the fountain was coned off I have no idea, perhaps it had been icy?


  1. Have you seen the alternate version of the swimming rules poster that the OSS did? There's a small picture here:
    (Search that page for "poster" to jump to it.)

  2. Love it! Members of the SLSC don't need encouragement for most of those things!