Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Not sure what the life saving mannequin was doing at the bottom of the pool this morning, no one seemed to want to jump in and rescue him. Cloudy but mild, the water still has a bit of bite. I did six lengths before heading to the sauna.

Ian and Nando after a couple of lengths, I think Ian is trying to say that it's cold.

A week doesn't go by without an Elizabeth dive, it must be a real shock to get in the water this way.

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  1. Alex, 2 minutes after the dive and swim and u could have taken quite a different photo of me: slipping in the sauna and twisting my poor knee aouchhhh … was quite an entrance, watched by a packed audience, not a seat to be had ;) Nando kindly rushed to get a make do ice pack : lido water in a small plastic bottle which I wrapped round my knee - it helped to ease the pain and brought back a smile!:)