Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Mild and windy

 Vince already in the water by the time I'd struggled against the wind and reached the lido.

James Penrose on a marathon swim. I joined him in the water and spent six lengths catching him up. I dare not ask him how far he went as he tried to warm up in the sauna.

Not the best looking morning but the air temperature must be well into double figures and I think the water was perhaps a little warmer. A couple of Brockwell Icicles were swimming here this morning, one had an electronic thermometer that read 7°C. I prefer to go by David's temperature reading just because he takes it more often and in the same place but I didn't catch what it was today.

Here comes Nando! Water a bit murky today, they were messing about with the hoover at the deep end, is it broken?

 Here comes Elizabeth! She didn't see me until she stopped, I think I gave her a bit of a fright.

The perfect balance of Mr Ape, nice bubbles.


  1. yessss got big fright :) get shots of nando and the ape too!

  2. sorry, typo : was supposed to say: great shots of nando and mr ape !

  3. And you can post comments again!