Friday, 3 January 2014


It's difficult getting back into routine. It was dark and raining when I got up and I wasn't sure I wanted to go swimming. Luckily the rain stopped as I cycled up and it wasn't very windy or too cold.

The pool is very full at the moment, with my feet on the hand rail they are fully submerged. I didn't sit around for long, I got in and did a brisk four length swim before heading to the sauna.

By the time I was out of the sauna the clouds had cleared and the sun was coming up. You can see how high the water is in this picture.

It was turning into a beautiful morning just as I had to go to work. The hand rail reflected, it's usually above the surface level.

Elizabeth was back and promised to dive in if I carried her flip flops down to the shallow end for her.

I followed her down the pool and got this picture as she got closer to the shallow end.

Flip flops waiting for her I got this image just as she arrived and before I had to hurry off to work.

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