Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sun and ice

A bright sunny morning with a hard frost. I was surprised to find ice across the middle of the lido, would I be able to swim lengths today?
Sarah broke the thin ice up and scooped it out in the net, 'Keep to the near edge and you should be alright' she told me.
I did as I was told but about three quarters of the way up I hit ice. I heard a cheer as I swam on through it. A strange sensation as your frozen arm breaks the surface, I could feel the ice snap against the top of my swimming hat. Under the surface I could hear the ice sheet move and splinter. It was only for about four strokes after that the channel was clear.

Elizabeth stuck to widths and I caught this picture of her on the return leg, the water is still cloudy but the sunlight made the visabilty good. The water is about 1.5ÂșC today.

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