Friday, 8 March 2013


Damp and misty, four small piles of leaves sat along the pool edge. Steven had fished them out of the water and left them in evenly spaced gaps, a curious artwork of well rotted leaves..

Richard had arrived around the same time as me, we decided to swim together. He's gearing up for the channel this summer and has been swimming most morning of late.

We have quite a good pace match and pushed each other over a four length swim.

Bouyed up by the quick four I felt I could go further, the water was just a little warmer so I carried on for another two. Six lengths in total.

David made the water temperature just under 4ÂșC. Glad I made the most of it because it looks like the temperature will fall this week end.


  1. Six...don't shout about it, you'll be told off in no uncertain terms.

  2. Do I need to put in a disclaimer? Other distances are also swimable, if in doubt please ask a parent.