Friday, 15 March 2013


 Slightly milder, slightly warmer. A damp March morning.

 Tired, I did two lengths with Richard at a fair pace before two more even slower on my own.

 The Sauna was full with lots of chatting going on.

 Batch had a McDonald's last night and Vice has been to a Harvester!

 Inez watched the queue of 'happy families' outside her local Harvester on Mother's day.

 Batch likes 'Last of the Summer Wine' but Elizabeth was fond of ''Allo 'Allo'.

After the sauna Elizabeth jumped back into the water.


  1. Love the first shot. And did you use a filter, or is it an after effect?

  2. No filter, the 'High Speed' burst captures the image more like a video still, somtimes slightly pixilated. Glad you like 'em.