Monday, 3 December 2012

Polar bear

It was still quite dark just after 8am when I reached the lido. The weather had warmed slightly, a bit of rain. The water had a glassy sheen to it, at 4.5ºC it was still very cold.

 I had the water to myself, it felt thick and heavy. It moves differently at this temperature like it's slightly jellified. Six lengths was enough today, I even had the sauna to myself.

Tales of the 'Polar bears swim' reached me as I got changed. Read about it here. Those who swam a kilometre in water under 5ºC would get a hat. A group had done this on Sunday. Nando was proudly wearing his new hat but today opted for a much more sensible distance.

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  1. Alex - there's one waiting for you; and a long winter to prepare. Probably easier on the way up.