Thursday, 6 December 2012


 A beautiful cold clear morning. The surface of the water a frozen mirror.

 Swimming was only widths at the deep end. The ice was about 2/3mm thick at the shallow end.

 The water below was just as warm/cold as yesterday.

 I wasn't sure how far I'd swim, it's more difficult to get out at the deep end.

 When the ice moves it begins to sing.

 I don't think it will last, with the sun beginning to show over the trees.

 Vince doesn't bother with a wetsuit. I splash in after him and swim.

 Carl joins us and we have a bit of a race for a couple of widths.

 Twelve in all, the same as four lengths but it feels quite different with all the tumble turns.

It's a long way to the sauna from the deep end!

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