Thursday, 20 February 2014


How many icicles in this picture? They performed a synchronised dive into the lido this morning.

Fred was doing widths, I like the way his arm is shrouded in bubbles.

Batch finishing a length. I swam with Richard again, we did eight lengths which felt good. I'm sure the water has warmed up a bit, David made it around 5°C.

It was good to see Alfonso and his wife back in the water. We will have to swim together again soon.

I gave Alfonso a bit of a fright, he didn't see me take the shot until his hand hit the camera.

Nick and Johnathan (The Waldorf and Statler of the lido) were both going to do a width. They give no credit to an eight length swim, they insist the toughest bit is getting in which they can both do, therefore they're the hardest winter swimmers at the lido. I'm not sure I follow their logic.

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