Monday, 4 July 2011

Twenty one today!

Special post for the temperature, 21ºC today (70ºF) a new high for the year. That explains why I had such a wonderful swim this morning, thirty six lengths of bliss. Added to by the fact I didn't make it over on the week-end, too many vegetables to attend to.
In Betty's Newsletter (50p see Tricky) there's a short piece on the June temperature by official 'temperature taker' David. It turns out we had the lowest average June temperature this century at 17.58ºC (63.66ºF). Global warming eh?
I find once the water is over about 16ºC (60ºF) I stop thinking about it too much because I can do a two mile swim without getting cold but 21ºC is nice.

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  1. Alex - one should never confuse weather with climate!