Friday, 3 June 2011

Time for a swim

As I reached the pool today Alfonso was just getting out of the water, he wanted me to believe he's done forty four lengths. I've not seen him in a while because he had a cold (in May?) and in fact he was just easing himself back into the water with a ten length swim. I set out to do twenty lengths in the little strip of shadow on the track side, clear goggles again much better vision. I used Margy and Tricky as pace setters at first then about length eight I noticed someone waiting for me at the end of the pool. I don't know her name (sorry), Alfonso told her to swim with me and she thought I was a different Alex so it was confusion all round. By about half a length I realised she couldn't keep up with me so I slowed a bit  but was still too fast. Alfonso meanwhile was timing us, my two length time averaged 2 minutes 58 seconds making it just over 16 minutes per kilometre or just over 25 minutes per mile which seems about right on a 2km swim.
Saw Carl and Kate as I was getting changed, asked Carl a bit more about Sardinia. The sea was about the same temperature as the lido but Carl is off to Scotland swimming between the western isles next week where it'll be much cooler.
I'm off to Greece on Saturday for a couple of weeks, not just swimming but I'll take some pictures if I get the chance.

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